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About Laura

About Laura

Hey there, Brilliant Star! ⭐️

I'm Laura, and I love all things outer space, sci-fi, science, tech, and magical.

I created Universe Soup to share the things that I love with cosmic-minded people like you!

Even as a little kid, I loved nature and was fascinated by the night sky, astronomy and space exploration, ideas of what our future would be like, science fiction & fantasy, and, of course, space-themed products of all kinds. (Drool)

Fun fact, my favorite question is, 'What if?'

Over the years, I've found all sorts of fun ways to bring all that good celestial stuff into my own life. And that includes creating lots of cute and cosmic things.

While journaling one day (an awesome habit to pick up) a phrase popped into my mind that crystallized everything. It's become my motto:

Make Every Day Cosmic!

My mission for Universe Soup is to help you bring the magic our cosmos into your life and home.

⭐️ Cosmic Love,


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